The Dolce VITA Leadership and Lifestyle Designer

Hi, my name is Angela Santi!

I empower rebellious and ambitious business leaders - like you - to thrive by living their lives and leading their companies the dolce vita way

If you’ve been to Italy, you’ve probably already encountered (and enjoyed!) La Dolce Vita, Italian's signature lifestyle: a life full of daily pleasures, big and small, the appreciation of  beauty, love, deep connections with friends and family, of food...

Truly, la Dolce Vita is wayt more than a lifestyle: it is an overarching approach to all aspects of life. a committed and yet lighthearted approach to all aspects of life: it is a way of being, a way of thinking, a mood, a skill!

Maybe you’ve even dreamt of adopting the lifestyle at home...

You don't have to move to Italy or to wait until retirement to live la Dolce Vita!

If you are dedicated to your business, I want you to know that la Dolce Vita is not only the outcome of success, it’s one of its core components, it is the fuel for your success, and it's the new leadership paradigm.

By bringing la Dolce Vita into your company's organizational culture, you will create a nourishing environment where your people will thrive.

I have created "The Laws of la Dolce VITA Lifestyle" a guide with easy steps to inspire you to infuse your day-to day with beauty and bliss NOW.

It is not rocket science, it's easy to implement and it is powerful!

Are you intrigued?

Imagine growing your business and enjoying the journey!

Imagine what it would feel like to get off the hamster wheel....

Imagine managing your day-to-day life with ease and joy, living a life of alignment.

Imagine have immense success and the best possible quality of life, while making the world a better place.

Imagine yourself leading your business from a dolce vita perspective, creating a dolce vita organizational culture, where the people in your world can thrive.

All this is within your reach. Do you want it? Fill the form below!

To your joyful success and sweet life!

Meet Angela

Italian by birth and cosmopolitan by vocation, Angela is the one-of-a-kind Dolce VITA Leadership and Lifestyle Designer for elite entrepreneurs, executives, and experts.

Working privately with a selected group of ultra-high performers and global leaders, she has pioneered the Four Pillars of Dolce Vita life mastery model, her Mediterranean-infused methodology that ascends today’s highflyers to unprecedented levels of success while living the sweet life.

Over the past decade, Angela has seen her signature framework optimize the personal and professional lives of those in the top tier of their industry, holding space for their biggest dreams and most expansive visions. Through her bespoke best-life blueprint, a transformational implementation of daily business and personal routines and habits falls effortlessly into place.

It is a level of life alignment and comprehensive success that is born of Angela’s unique perspective as a world traveler with a passion for the arts and music – as a tango dancer, and life enthusiast, living in Northern Italy. The world’s sweet spot, where creativity, productivity, and Dolce Vita naturally collide.

Humanistic by nature, Angela’s love for people initially led her to 20+ years in HR and Organizational Development. It was reaching the pinnacle in corporate that helped Angela realize surface-level success is not sustainable. That her life, relationships, family, and passions needed to be nurtured.

“Discipline is freedom!”

This is her mantra. The pathway to thriving while living a meaningful life.

A “disciplined rebel” – behind Angela’s high achiever mentality beats the maverick heart of one who has always lived according to her own rules.

If Angela were a movie, she would be a remix of “Breakfast at Tiffany” and “Easy Rider”: as she perfectly integrates and embodies the two opposites. Her style has a sophisticated, yet casual elegance; and her knowledge feeds her unassuming power.

Angela believes that even those who have achieved what others have defined for them as the highest levels of success deserve to truly, deeply, love – and live – their one life to its fullest